How do I view my web site stats?

The term "hits" originates in the early days of the web an refers to hits on the web server to request info.

  1. Get home page.
  2. Get header image.
  3. Get image 2
  4. Get image 3

You can see that viewing one page can generate many hits on your server so that's not the number you're after.

A more valuable statistic are your "Visits" and "Page Views" or "Pages".
For example, if you have 100 visits to your site site and 400 page views, that means your visitors clicked through 4 pages on average instead of just viewing the home page and leaving. A "sticky" site gives visitors something interesting to view. The more time a visitor spends in your site the better.

To view your web site stats:

  1. Log into your hosting control panel.
  2. Click on Site Summary / Statistics / Logs

  3. Under "Domain Webalizer Stats: Click your domain name.

  4. View a summary of your site statistics on this page.
    You may also click on any month and view more information.
    1. Monthly Statistics
    2. Daily Statistics: Shows activity by day so you can see if specific events or marketing efforts increase traffic.
    3. Hourly Statistics: Shows what time of day people visit your site.
    4. Top 30 of XXX Total URLs: Shows the most hit files. This is not very useful because the most hit files are often images.
    5. Top 10 of XX Entry Pages: Shows the first page people see when they come to your site.
    6. Top 10 of XX Exit Pages: What page were they looking at before they left? This can indicate if one of your pages is weak and needs better content.
    7. Top 30 of XXX Total Sites: Shows a list of IP addresses of visitors to your site.
    8. Top 10 of XXX Total Sites by KBytes: Shows highest traffic IP addresses.
    9. Top 30 of XX total Referrers: Shows what page someone was on before visiting a page in your site like "". This is a very useful site to get a sense of where your traffic comes from and where you may want to consider investing your marketing dollars.
    10. Top 20 of XX Search String: This is a very useful batch of info. What search phrases did people use to find your site. Use these terms to focus your pay-per-click advertising.
    11. Top 15 of XX User Agents: Shows the type of browser people use like Internet Explorer (MSIE), Firefox, Opera, etc.
      If you see "Googlebot" that is the search engine crawling system that indexes your site for Google. You will see other robots from many other search engines.

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