Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a remarkable tool for targeting your online marketing. Rather then blowing money on ads that sit and wait for someone to surf by, Adwords automatically appear along the information super highway where your potential customers are looking. The basic concept is that you bid for placement along the right column ads in Google. Adwords are also included in many other web sites and search engine partners.

For example

  • Example Products
    • Bird Houses
    • Bird House Kits
    • Bird House Plans
  • Keywords
    • bird houses
    • wooden bird houses
    • plastic bird houses
    • bird house kit
    • bird house plans
    • bird houses for bluebirds
    • bird houses for hummingbirds
    • bird houses for swallows
    • bird houses for cardinals
    • bird houses for finches
    • bird houses for martins
    • bird houses for robins
  • Bidding
    • You can start with a low bid like 10 cents for all your adds and see how they rank against some of the big sites.
    • You are better off to bid low on more targeted lower traffic phrases then bid high on a general phrase. If you bid on general phrases you'll be competing with all of the main competitors in your industry. For example, if you sell fuzzy dice with Ford logos on them, don't bid on the keyword phrase, "Ford cars". My might try something very targeted like, "Ford car decorations" or "Ford fuzzy dice". My may get much less traffic, but the traffic you do get will be much more qualified prospects.
  • Ad Text
    • Title: 25 Characters
    • Line-1: 35 Characters - concise, but creative - connect with your audience.
    • Line-2: 35 Characters
      Great Birdhouse Deals
      high quality construction
      excellent deals, fast shipping

  • Add Ranking
    • Your is a factor of your maximum bid and your click-through-rate (CTR).
    • For example, a low bid on an ad with a high click-through-rate can rank higher then a poorly worded ad with a much higher maximum bid. It pays to make sure your ad text is relevant to the key word phrase being searched for even if you have to make an add for every phrase.

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Check out this series of excellent video tutorials and practical articles.

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