Problem: Inaccurate whois information: - THIS IS A SCAM

Dear Network Solutions® Customer,

On Fri, 31 Oct 2008 12:05:57 +0300 we received a third party complaint of invalid domain contact information in the Whois database for this domain Whenever we receive a complaint, we are required by ICANN regulations to initiate an investigation as to whether the contact data displaying in the Whois database is valid data or not. If we find that there is invalid or missing data, we contact both the registrant and the account holder and inform them to update the information.

Please note: ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) regulations state that the WHOIS Administrative Contact may initiate and approve domain name registration transfers from your Network Solutions account to other Registrars. If you are not listed as the WHOIS Administrative Contact a transfer can occur without your knowledge if Domain Protect is not enabled for the domain name registrations listed above.

To change the WHOIS Administrative Contact Information for any of your domains, please login to Account Manager:

1. Log in to Account Manager at:
2. Click on the "Profile & Accounts" tab in the left navigation menu to be taken to a page listing your account details.
3. Click on "Accounts" and select the account you wish to edit.
4. Click "View/Edit WHOIS Contacts" to make your updates.

If you believe someone requested this change without your consent, please contact Customer Service.

If you would like to order additional services or to update your account, please visit us online.

Thank you for choosing Network Solutions. We are committed to providing you with the solutions, services, and support to help you succeed online.

Network Solutions® Customer Support

Phishing see

If you check the link destination it is not Network Solutions, a real domain registration company.

The link target is a criminal web site:

There are MANY things like this trying to get bank, credit card and paypal info.

Do not click.

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