How do I get listed on search engines?

You've got two ways to show up in the search engines:

1. Paid Search Engine Marketing

Example of paid search engine marketing: Google Adwords
Google Adwords are on the right where you bid and pay-per-click. For example, a bid for "Bozeman Auto Insurance" may be 10-50 cents per click.
However, they are well qualified visitors. For example, 100 clicks & 25 cents per click = $25. If you can't get 5+ contacts and 1+ sale out of those 100 visits, then we need to tune up the site a bit. Go to and watch the video overview, set up and account and get started. If you don't bid very aggressively, you may still get some clicks and it will cost you next to nothing.
You get three lines for your add:

25 character title
2 35 character description lines.
Use the keyword phrase in the title if possible.
Add other concise compelling text in the remaining 35x2 lines.

Don't over think it.
It's simple.
What phrases will your prospects put into Google to find your competitors?
Bid on those phrases.
Bid on ALL the phrases including the obscure ones.
If you get one click on a low traffic phrase for a niche, then it may only cost you 5 cents!

2. Organic search listings are text-driven

Google makes money by serving up relevant results. In order to show up when someone searches for "Bozeman auto insurance" you need to have a page that contains that phase in the text. Some people build out several pages with mini-articles focused on specific keyword phrases. Other key "rules" are to use the phrase and/or key words "early and often" in the text. However, you can't stuff them in there in an unnatural has to make sense and be compelling so when someone clicks on it, they'll respond to your page.

If you give me a list of keyword phrases you'd like to use, I can pepper them as image alternative text all over the design. This can help some too.
Meta tags are necessary, but they don't carry much "weight" in the search engine algorithm because they were one of the first things to be abused by search engine spammers.

There are not "tricks" that work reliably...and many of the "tricks" talked about by search engine marketers will actually get your site penalized or banned from Google. The bottom line is relevant text.

Keep Track of your Results
When you sign up for Adwords, also visit and sign up for a free account there too and send your login to Net Step so we can add the powerful tracking capabilities of Analytics to your site. It's FREE!

Watch the analytics feature tour.

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