We began "building websites" in 1999 with some basic HTML and dial-up Internet access. Those were NOT the good old days, but we made it work. In addition to HTML-based websites, we added support of osCommerce, when it was cool.

In 2008 we becan providing websites with the Joomla Content Management System (CMS). Wordpress was fairly young at that time, and was know mostly as a blogging platform. Today, most of our clients are on Joomla but the maintenance and resource consumption of those Joomla sites has become a significant challenge.

Earlier this year, while trying to address some of the Joomla challenges, we took another hard look at Wordpress. After all, a quarter of the Internet uses Wordpress so it must be doing something right. Of course we found it to be highly evolved from where it was in 2008, and now it's capable of providing a great experience for our eCommerce customers, sports team customers and other business clients.

Wordpress is generally considered to be easier to use, but it's not a website robot that does all your work for you. We still need to help you find the best solutions and designs. For example, there are dozense of "shopping cart" plugins for Wordpress, and we've spent weeks testing those options and the addons for those eCommerce systems. One of the key Wordpress enhancements is site management because keeping sites updated and secure is a critical part of our service.

During the rest of 2016 and throughout 2017 we'll be converting our Joomla clients to Wordpress sites. We'll also be adding new clients during this time so feel free to join the excitement as our company takes this big step forward.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

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