We are moving to new web servers provider by the end of 2016!

It's been two years since our last server big upgrade. We hosted with Rackspace from 2004 to 2014, and we moved to ASmallOrange.com, ASO, at the end of 2014. At the time, due to some aggresive negotiation, the move reduced our server expense by 60%. ASO had good reviews and they lived up to the hype for the first year

Unfortunately, like many companies, they didn't plan properly for their growth and customer support became horrible. As a server client, we handle most of our own issues remotely, but occasionally we need someone at our provider's facility to put their hands on one of our servers and make something happen. Rackspace would do that within 15 minutes, which is excellent. In the case of ASO, our most recent urgent service event took 4 hours to get their attention.

We take our commitment to our customers very seriously, and getting a "good deal" with unacceptable support response is simply not an option.

We're moving to http://HiVelocity.net because they have a solid reputation and excellent on-site support to help make sure you and the rest of our clients are in competent hands 24/7. Unlike ASO, we can get on the phone with HiVelocity.net and get urgent support within a few minutes.

We hope this next move will provide a long-term home for Net Step and our client's websites. However, as part of our commitment to our customers, we are always willing to move to a new provider if the service level commitments are not met by our server providers.

NOTE: Net Step only uses secure dedicated servers. We do not share our servers with any other hosting company, and we do not use "virtual" cloud servers so your data is always locked away. We also perform automated nightly offsite backups to provide an additonal level of data security.

Friday, December 2, 2016

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