Dec 2nd New Servers for 2017!!!

We are moving to new web servers provider by the end of 2016!It's been two years since our last server big upgrade. We hosted with Rackspace from 2004 to 2014, and we moved to, ASO, at the end of 2014. At the time, due to some aggresive negotiation, the move reduced our server expense by 60%. ASO had good reviews and they lived up ... Read More »

Nov 1st Wordpress Websites & Hosting Now Available

We began "building websites" in 1999 with some basic HTML and dial-up Internet access. Those were NOT the good old days, but we made it work. In addition to HTML-based websites, we added support of osCommerce, when it was cool.In 2008 we becan providing websites with the Joomla Content Management System (CMS). Wordpress was fairly young at that ... Read More »

Aug 15th New Time Zone...Same Reliable Service

Net Step, Inc. is composed of a small team of experienced Internet professionals collaborating from Florida to Hawaii. Our primary base of operations has been about an hour North of Seattle, WA since 2002. However, in 2013 to company's owners, Sam and Barb Mittelstaedt, moved from the Seattle area to Florida, then several more times during the ... Read More »

Jun 4th We've been busy...

The past few months have been pretty hectic around here. The good news is we've finished most of our customer site upgrades, and are ready to tackle new projects.Be sure to check out the Oregon National Guard Hoopla at They are the largest 3v3 basketball tournament in Oregon and they've been our client since 2011. 2015 is ... Read More »

Jan 31st Newer, Faster Servers and Better Service!

Net Step is a hosting reseller. We lease servers from a big company that sits on the multipl Internet trunk lines to provide maximum reliability and performance.Since 2004, we have been leasing servers at Rackspace, a top-of-the-line hosting provider. Unfortunately, their business model has shifted over the year to push everyone into their "Cloud" ... Read More »

Jun 5th Returned to Washington Base

After five months in sunny South Florida we have returned to Washington for the summer. Customer support is based in Pacific time again.

Mar 12th Server Performance Enhancements

The Internet is has a large community of spammers, hackers and vandals who derive their value from harming others. During the last five years, battling hackers and recovering from their attacks has cost Net Step more than $25,000 so we're getting rather aggressive to protect our system.Hardware FirewallIn 2013 we added a hardware firewall to our ... Read More »

Feb 28th Civic Sports by Net Step Inc.

We're excited to tell you about a recent restructuring in our business.Since 2008 we've been involved in a joint venture in a business called, Civic Sports. That company provides websites for sports teams and specializes in working with high schools.In 2013, we concluded our joint venture and now have merged Civic Sports into Net Step, Inc. to ... Read More »

Dec 20th We've changed time zones!

In December, 14, 2013 we moved Net Step from Washington to Florida. After living our whole lives North of Seattle, we decided it was time for a change.Our servers are still located at the Rackspace data center in Dallas-Forth Worth so you will not experience any changes in server performance.While we are enjoying the warmer climate, we're not ... Read More »